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Nature’s Winter Wishlist: A Gift Guide for wildlife and the environment

Nature’s Winter Wishlist: A Gift Guide for wildlife and the environment

In the crisp chill of winter, and as we contend with the colder months, let’s look how we can redirect our giving spirit beyond the walls of our homes and consider a different kind of gift-giving.

One wrapped in nature for those who share this wonderful planet with us – our furry and feathered friends, marine life and the great outdoors.

Enjoy the gift of giving back to nature through various simple yet impactful ways that support wildlife and the environment. These need not be a strain your pocket, as in fact, many of them are free!

Winter Buffet: Fill feeders with a mix of seeds, nuts, dried fruit and even left over hard cheese. All provide essential sustenance for birds during our colder months. Why not have a go making fat balls, great fun!

Crafting Wildlife Home: Tap into your inner artisan – craft shelters for wildlife. Create bird and bat boxes, or hedgehog homes using sustainable or upcycled materials. These snug sanctuaries offer vital protection in winter. Fill old fat ball feeders with sheep’s wool for insulation, keeping babies warm, or use straw for birds to build nests.

Messy Gardens, Happy Wildlife: Avoid pruning berry or fruit-bearing bushes or trees in your garden or on your balcony, as these provide indispensable food for birds during winter months. Allow leaves, twigs and sticks to pile up under hedges or in borders as it’s like laying out the carpet for our hedgehog and dormouse and giving them a snug spot to hibernate.

Winter Herb Gardens: Plant winter-friendly herbs and flowers in your garden or on your balcony. Not only do they add a touch of colour to the winter landscape, but they also attract insects, providing sustenance for birds and other small creatures.

Supporting Local Conservation: Contribute to local conservation initiatives. Whether it’s supporting wildlife reserves or participating in tree-planting events, your involvement aids in preserving natural habitats for generations to come. Perhaps even think beyond traditional gifts for a birthday or at Christmas; why not gift a donation to a wildlife charity, adopt an animal or plant a tree on behalf of a loved one?

Nature Walks and Litter Pick: There’s nothing better than getting outside, especially on a cold, bright winters day whether that be around your local area, park or woodlands or a stroll along the beach. But why not make your day even more enjoyable by having a clear up at the same time. By collecting litter that could be washed out to sea it does not only benefit marine and wildlife but it’s amazing the satisfaction it brings.

Starlit Vigil for Nocturnal Friends: Embrace winter night by stargazing, there’s really nothing better! Turn off external lights and immerse yourself in the natural darkness. It not only benefits nocturnal wildlife but also allows you to marvel at the celestial gifts above. Ever wondered where Jupiter or the Plough was? Explore the night sky with incredible apps like Stellarium, NightCap, and SkyView Lite. Simply point up, you’ll be amazed at the celestial wonders.

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As you do some of these thoughtful acts, think about making your winter extra special with a nature and stargazing retreat.

Nestled in a river fronted meadow, with views of the Welsh mountains around you our handcrafted cosy cabin provides the perfect retreat to reconnect with nature and a chance to see what we are doing to support our wildlife and our surroundings

Book your stay and enjoy the connection between our cabin and the inhabitants of our meadow…you never know who you’ll meet!

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