Escape to the Country Photographer - Glamping Cabin Carmarthenshire with Hot Tub

Meadow to Screen ‘Our Unexpected Journey’

Meadow to Screen ‘Our Unexpected Journey’

Life has a funny way of surprising us, doesn’t it?

As the calendar turned the page to August 2023, our family faced the reality of just losing a much-loved brother. Little did we know amid the sadness, we were to receive a call from the BBC’s ‘Escape to the Country’.

An incredible opportunity, opening the door and casting attention to our cosy and Luxury Glamping Cabin in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales.

The production crew, on the hunt for distinctive accommodation, for the show’s Vacation Rental slot, discovered us while searching for unique stays in the area. The excitement of being chosen and showcased on national TV and on the BBC? Absolutely; who wouldn’t be!

Fast Forward:

Having received confirmation of the shoot on the Friday, fast forward to a whirlwind of a Monday.

Juggling staging between guests, we excitedly welcomed a couple of the production crew. What was initially intended as an hour-long shoot, turned into a two-hour adventure for Ben, the enthusiastic cameraman, as he skilfully captured the essence of our cabin while exploring the charm of the meadow and riverbank.

It felt surreal; saying our goodbyes and almost immediately greeted our new guests. With them settled in, blissfully unaware of the day’s earlier events, it was as if we were in a ‘what just happened’ moment.

What we did know, was that we couldn’t wait for our little haven, in the small hamlet of Cwmdu and a gateway to the Brecon Beacons, to be on screen and form part of the show’s getaway feature.

Anticipation Turns to Joy:

Months of anticipation followed and as Christmas approached, we received the best gift. Confirmation of our feature on ‘Escape to the Country,’ albeit at that stage we didn’t know exactly when, but to expect a call in February!

Sure enough, a day after my Birthday, another gift appeared in form of an email with details the show, scheduled for 12th March 2024 at 15:00. Series 24, Episode 36 and was to include our cabin in the heart of the idyllic landscapes of Carmarthenshire.

Escape to the Country Photographer - Luxury Glamping Cabins with Hot Tubs - Brecon Beacons
Escape to the Country Photographer - Luxury Glamping Cabin Carmarthenshire, West Wales

Showtime: Our Cabin Takes to the Stage!

Presenter Ginny Buckley, took viewers on a journey from Llandovery in the north of the County to beautiful Llansteffan, on the Bay of Carmarthen, showcasing the emotional journey of Bev, in search of her forever home.

Relocation tales hit close to home, as we too, made the leap from Essex, guided by fate and the instant connection we felt with our property back and the County in 2018.

Often referred to as the Garden of Wales, with it’s picturesque backdrop and beauty changing daily, it makes the perfect place for artists and photographers or for those just seeking peace and tranquillity.

Heritage, mythical tales and legends and home to the National Botanical Gardens add to its allure, whilst excellent rail and road links, makes the county easily accessible.

Our cabin’s cameo appearance brought a touch of rustic charm to the screen.

Nestled in nature, completely self-contained and with its outdoor bath for added relaxation, Ginny invited viewers to experience a shorter break in our idyllic retreat.

In case you happened to miss the show, you can catch it on iPlayer where you’ll find the episode readily available for you to enjoy.

Cabin view amidst the pink Ragged Robin Wildflowers, Luxury Glamping Cabin Carmarthenshire, West Wales

Ready for your own escape to the country? Book your stay at our Luxury Glamping Cabin in Carmarthenshire’s enchanting landscapes and experience the beauty and tranquillity that awaits!

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